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About Dre Techsoft

This website is dedicated PC software and Web video how-to videos. You will find videos on software for Windows, Linux, and Android Apps, along with various browser extensions, Web design, and Web development. Videos are published mostly on YouTube, but there are some content I have unlisted and are only found from visiting this site. As-well as exclusive videos that were either taken down from YouTube, or that I cannot publish there.


About Me

My name is DeAndre Wilson, or Dre for short. I’m a Web and tech enthusiast from Chicago. A self-taught Web designer who enjoys coding, making YouTube videos, and watching Twitch. Gay, love’s chillout electronic music, and ice coffee is my weakness.


Get In Contact

If you want to contact me, the best way is via email at drewilsonx@gmail.com. I check email regularly, so please do reach out.