Backup To The Cloud With Restic In Linux

In this video, I show you how to backup to the cloud using Restic for Linux. I use Backblaze B2 in this example, but the process is similar for other cloud providers.

Continuing from my last video, I also show you how to modify the backup service made in the previous video, so that you can automate backups to the cloud.


00:00 Intro
00:16 Obtaining Access Keys (Backblaze)
00:34 Adding Access Keys To Environment Variables
01:10 Creating A Backup
02:35 Restoring Backups From The Cloud
03:20 Connecting Backup Service To The Cloud


Restic Download 👉🏾
Restic Website 👉🏾
Restic Documentation 👉🏾
Restic on GitHub 👉🏾
Restic commands 👉🏾


Supported Cloud Services:
Amazon S3 👉🏾
BackBlaze B2 👉🏾
Google Cloud Storage 👉🏾
Microsoft Azure 👉🏾
Wasabi 👉🏾
and many more.