How To Use S3 Browser for Windows

In this video, we’ll be checking out S3 Browser for Windows. A file browser for Amazon S3. I’ll show you how to add your S3 Account, create buckets, upload and download files, setting permissions and more. S3 Browser is free, but there is a $30 paid version that’s faster and provides more options.


00:00 Intro
00:25 Free Vs Paid Version
01:08 Installing S3 Browser
01:41 Obtaining Secret and Access Keys
02:28 Adding S3 Account
03:24 Creating A Bucket and Deleting Buckets
04:06 Uploading and Downloading Files
05:06 Exploring S3 Browser
11:15 Changing ACL Permissions
11:56 Versioning and Restoring Files
13:09 Generating Web Urls
13:47 Folder Sync Tool
15:20 S3 Browser Options


S3 Browser Website 👉🏾