Linux Terminal Commands 101 👨🏾‍💻

This is a crash course in learning basic Linux terminal commands. I show you how to navigate around, manipulate files and folders, zipping and archiving files, install programs, downloading webpages, and more. These simple commands should make you more comfortable using the terminal. And, eventually, make it easier to learn more advanced commands.


Please forgive me for missing some other basic stuff. There’s so much, and I had to keep it as short as I could. 😅


This website is a great source of information about many of the Linux commands featured in this video and tons more. 👉🏾


00:00 Intro
00:04 Navigating Around
02:59 File and Folder Commands
08:41 Opening Files
10:32 User Commands
12:23 Zipping and Archiving Files and Folders
20:24 Linux Package Managers
20:52 Man Pages
21:47 Installing Programs (w/ Apt)
25:34 Network Commands
29:03 Shutting Down and Restarting Linux
30:38 Other Useful Commands
32:58 Warning About The Root User
34:03 Switching Between Terminal and GUI Modes