The Data Google Has On You: Managing Your Google Data

It’s well known that Google collects data about its users, but not many people know just how much data Google has on them. Or how to manage that data.


In this video, I’ll show you where to find your Google Data, how to manage it, how to download your data, and how to delete your Google account.


FYI the info shown in your Google account is just the data Google allows you to see. Google has far more info than even what’s shown in this video.

Louis Rossman covered this in more detail in his video – “How does Google get away with this?”


SPECIAL THANKS to Louis Rossmann for inspiring me to make this video.


00:00 Intro
00:52 Web And App Activity
02:34 Location History
04:19 Web And App Activity (Cont)
05:00 Personalize Ad and Search Settings
05:24 Fitness Data
05:55 App And Services Permissions
07:42 Auto Delete Data
08:26 Digital Plan For Inactive Accounts
08:59 Downloading Your Data (Google Takeout)
10:14 How To Delete Your Google Account