The Different Ways of Installing Programs In Linux

In this video, I’ll show you how to install programs in Linux. I’ll show you how to install programs via the Software Manager, how to install .deb or .rpm files, manually install programs, installing programs via Synaptic, installing programs using the terminal, installing programs using Aptitude, and installing Flatpaks programs.


00:00 Intro
00:12 Installing Programs With The Software Manager
01:47 Installing Programs With The Installer (For .deb and .rpm)
03:37 Manually Installing Programs
09:07 Installing Programs Using Synaptic Package Manager
11:44 Installing Programs Using The Terminal Via Apt
14:07 Installing Programs Using The Terminal Via Dnf/Yum
16:02 Program Defined Installations
17:06 Installing Programs Using Aptitude/Dpkg
21:09 Installing Programs Using Flatpak


Firefox Nightly.desktop file
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Firefox Nightly
GenericName=Firefox Nightly
Comment=Firefox Nightly Web Browser.


apt 👉🏾
dnf wiki 👉🏾
Flathub 👉🏾